Merry Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve, a time of excitement and anticipation. Things happen during Christmas, good things, and bad things. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean all life’s problems magically fix themselves. Christmas isn’t about what advertising companies make it, it’s not about the gift-giving and the decorations, and it’s not about pretending life’s problems aren’t there. It’s about taking time to reflect on the important things in life.


The lights and decorations remind us that this is a season of hope, love, and the promise of a new year. The gifts remind us that we are special and the people around us are special. The holidays are just an excuse to take a couple weeks, put your feet up, and have a bit of me-time.


I love the Christmas season. Nothing beats waking up on Christmas morning to open stockings, having brunch with your family and go on to have a wonderful day. Our plans as a family change every year and with the moving out of my brother, this Christmas is sure to be a strange one. But Christmas has a certain magic to it, and it’s something that always makes me sad when it’s over.


If nothing else, Christmas is a time to be around good people, good food, and good vibes. …and the fairy lights, don’t forget the fairy lights.