What I’m excited for this summer

So I started this post back in Florida when I still had a month left of school, but travelling, finishing up the semester, and the whirlwind of social appointments we’ve made in Calgary have prevented me from publishing it! I would pretty much say to anyone I talked to about school that “summer can’t come soon enough” referring to summer break. I have waited so long to be finished that when I finished my final test on Friday I actually didn’t know what to do with myself. I had just been so used to working so hard to get everything finished up so that I would have my weekends free for family and fun time that I wasn’t used to having a free Friday afternoon. I know, it’s sad right? So I am over the moon to be on summer break and in light of this exciting time, I wanted to have a short post sharing about a few things that I am excited for this summer!

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 56

Hands on Head

First and foremost is having some time to myself, being able to take it slow some afternoons rather than sitting at my computer racking my brain for math formulas and Social terms. One of the first things I’m going to be doing during some of the slower times of the week (not that I have lots of those right now) is reading! You have no idea how excited I am to just sit down with a good book and lose a few hours. Ahhhh, luxury! I have barely had any time to just chill and if I have it’s been spent playing on my phone because I have had no creative capability or motive to do anything else (cheers for that school). However, that’s going to change! I have a list of books on my kindle that I can’t wait to read/re-read, and when I’ve finished all those, I’m going to do my best to try some new titles out. I can’t even remember the last time I properly sat down to read… not for a long time that’s for sure, I’ve missed it!

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 19

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 23

I’m also looking forward to having the time to write. Both blogging and creative writing I enjoy, but finding the time to do either is a bit of a mission when you’re working around a busy schedule. Hopefully during this summer, I’ll get a few hours of chill time here and there so I can really dedicate time to the things I enjoy doing. Art is also high on the priority list, as well as dancing. I’ll be working hard to get my Ballet game on, and I’m looking forward to having some motivation!

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 30

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 34

This year is a very unique year for me as well, since I will be doing plenty of travelling with my family as we tour North America, visiting family and friends. We’ve already been in Florida for a month, and at the moment we’re spending some time in Calgary. I’m excited to revive old friendships, and even make some new ones. I’m looking forward to discovering new places, and experiencing my home country. The last time I visited North America was when I was 13 years old, so I’m happy that I’m older , and so will certainly appreciate the experience more. I need to keep reminding myself that many teens my age have never had any opportunity even close to what I’ve been able to experience. I’ve experienced different cities, countries, and nations, and it’s something I have to remember to be thankful for and to not take for granted.

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 40

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 32

It’ll be nice to have some time to myself to just sit and dream… do you ever want to do that sometimes? Just dream about anything and everything…I love it. Unfortunately, it’s not so helpful when you’re trying to get your semester finished up. But thankfully, there’ll be no more y=mx+b or discussing the issues of globalization for 2 whole months, hallelujah! For the next couple months, I’ll be free to focus all my energy on enjoying the moment.

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 45

I’ve actually started a ‘scrapbook’ literally where I paste a bunch of scraps and memories and things so after this whole trip I’ll be able to look back and remember all of the cool stuff I did. It’s somewhere I can capture the moments that I don’t want to forget and remember this amazing experience. Who knows, I might post it here when it’s all done! Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see. 🙂

Fun FL May 2016 (Kerry Wiens) KM 42

Thanks mom for the lovely photos that went into this post!

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Table Mountain 2016

Table Mountain… I count myself among the lucky few who have had the amazing opportunity to travel the world at such a young age. I hope that if  you feel like you never get to experience adventures, you’ll be inspired as I share my Table Mountain experience.

Table Mtn April 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  5312

What a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining, and there was hardly any wind. A tip for if you ever want to head up Table Mountain, don’t plan to go when it’s windy! The reason is that when it’s windy it’s not very nice up on the mountain as you’re constantly getting buffeted by gusts of air, and secondly, the cable car will be shut down if the wind is too strong . If the cable car isn’t running, there’s almost no point in going up anyway as any wind down at the bottom will be much worse once you’re at the top. We had a cool breeze when we went up, but nothing too intense, making for a really nice day.

Table Mountain 3

Table Mountain 4

The cable car itself was an experience because once you start heading up, the floor will rotate, making sure that everyone gets a decent view. So be sure to get on the outside! That way, when you start moving, every time you get to an open window, you have the best chance to get a shot of the incredible view (not that pictures do it justice though).

Table Mountain 5

Table Mtn April 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  5263

Once you get up there, it’s simply amazing! Because the mountain is so big, the top isn’t crowded with tourists meaning you aren’t pressed by a throng of people and you can walk in any direction you like. As soon as you look out over the city of Cape Town, there is absolutely no doubt or wonder how Table Mountain is a famous tourist destination. It is outstanding, and it’s not overly developed either. The Mountain’s natural beauty is able to shine! Aside from a gift shop and a cafe, there are endless empty miles with beautiful rocks and lovely wildlife. Look how cute!

Table Mountain 10

Table Mountain 8

Table Mountain 13

After hiking around a bit and having a bite to eat, we stuck around to watch the sunset. Although it was decidedly chilly, it was so worth it to see views like this!


J silhouette version

Sunset silhouette (1)

Table Mountain 17

Table Mountain 18

There’s something so magical about watching a city during the night with all the little twinkling lights… I find it so beautiful. It always gives you time to think. You know that every light down there represents a home and that the world can be both big and small at times. Being able to experience wonders like this are things that I want to be able to remember. So many of us forget about the incredible things we’ve been able to be a part of as time goes on. We feel sorry for ourselves because we don’t think anything ever happens to us, when really, we have a chest full of good vibes that we sweep to the back of our minds in order to not interfere with our routine of self-pity. This is my gentle reminder to you that you’re amazing, in case you were beginning to think otherwise.

Table Mountain 20

What an incredible experience. At times, I love my life, and at other times, it doesn’t seem as amazing, as I’m sure is normal for most people (please tell me I’m right, ahh!), but it’s experiences such as these that I look back on and reap happiness from. Sometimes, a memory is all you need to keep you going, and I can’t wait to make more of them! Who’s with me?

Table Mtn April 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  5327

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Game Park Drives

Let me start off by saying hey! *virtual wave* This is my first ever solo blog post, so please bear with me and enjoy…

Sometimes in life, things get hectic, and everyone experiences those moments of busyness when you just feel like you never have time to get anything done. I recently went through a stage in my life that looked something like this, which is why it’s taken me so long to get this post up. My situation is pretty unique to what others may have experienced in their life. I suppose you could say a Canadian family living in South Africa isn’t exactly the norm. Just these past two weeks my family and I have been packing up our lives in South Africa to do 5 months of touring North America. We’ll be in Florida, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. I have to say it’s exciting, but not without its stresses.

Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4689

For Easter Sunday, I drove up to a game park with my family and looking back at it now it occurred to me that if my family had not moved to South Africa, I probably wouldn’t have been to a game park ever in my life, let alone several times before the age of 16. Wow, what a thought!

Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4680        Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4691

Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4600

Now we’re on the road, and flip, the trip is not short getting from one side of the world to the other. It doesn’t matter how many travel blogs you read or how many little travel trinkets you have, you can’t get around sitting on a plane for 10+ hours when you’re trekking as far as I did. I was miserable on the first 10hr flight, and having a bad head cold and an extremely sore throat didn’t help much at all.

But I made it, and Florida is keeping me comfortable as the weather here is almost the same as the weather we left, and absolutely stunning!

Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4685

Being in Florida is so inspiring, and if you know me, you’ll know I like self-expression whether it be art, writing, fashion etc. So when it comes to styling clothes, I enjoy making them suit me. I think for this outfit the star of the show is the top with the beautiful frilled front and the buttoned up back. It may surprise you that I bought it for almost nothing. It was a thrift item that I picked up at the local second-hand store, and it seemed to go perfectly with a skirt I had also got second-hand.

I then threw on my Keen® brown sandals, chucked my hair in a bun, and that was my easter outfit done.

Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4658

It just goes to show you that you don’t need lots of money to express yourself, often the materials are already at your fingertips. You don’t need expensive paints to create art, you don’t need a powerful computer to write a story, and you don’t need designer grade clothes to be considered stylish.

Easter 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  4682

I’ll be posting much more in upcoming weeks about my various travels, so please stay tuned, and I hope you enjoyed my little intro post.



Self-consciousness…. It’s something that we’ve all struggled with at one time or another, no matter what gender we are, or what age. What’s the worst part about it? Well, probably the fact that 9 times out of 10, people don’t even notice. Being self-conscious without telling anyone will put you in a position of insecurity with no one to lean on. Insecurity is something I’ve found to be a very personal issue that you will tend to want to deal with on your own as it’s sometimes embarrassing to admit that we actually are self-conscious. And if people actually do notice, they don’t automatically think, “Hmm… that person looks uncomfortable, maybe I’ll go say hi and give them a boost of confidence.” Nope. Instead, a lot of people tend to judge you, regardless of if they know you or not.

San Lameer Girls

It’s all well and fine to say haters gonna hate, but c’mon, being hated isn’t a nice feeling, regardless of who is judging you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look insecure or strange, I want people to like me. It makes me feel good on the inside, accepted, warm, and loved when people like me, but not everyone does, and that’s hard. I like to think that a lot of people like me, but there will be people in this world that will reject me and that is a hard thing to accept. If someone tells you to just stop caring about what anyone thinks, it’s valid advice, but everyone knows it’s not that easy.


Where do you draw the line between self-consciousness and making an honest effort to look nice for the occasion? No one has all the answers, but I can tell you one thing; you need to stop worrying so much. I don’t wear nice clothes to my grandparents anniversary just because I want to fit in, I want to show them that I’ve made an effort, that I want to be there, and I want to show them that I love them enough to take the time to get dressed up. But even then, you can constantly look around, sweating and worrying that your lipstick is smudged on your teeth, or that someone noticed those flyaway hairs you just couldn’t tame. If you don’t stop it, self-consciousness will eat you up on the inside, robbing you of the happiness of the moment. 

'Tiger' Lilies


There are many different kinds of flowers in this world, and some are more beautiful than others. I believe that the beautiful flowers in our society are the people who decide to wear self-confidence like a tiara, dazzling everyone around them. With a little help, your flower can cast off it’s crumbling petals, throwing out material beauty for the budding new beauty of inner joy and peace. No one feels like they can take on the world every single day without fail, but when you are feeling that inner confidence, flaunt it like a crown. 

Some things to think about and act on:

  • Throw out all the clothes or items that don’t reflect you and your personality or that make you overly insecure.
  • Start wearing a little less makeup every single day, and instead, be comfortable in your own skin
  • Forget about the latest trends, wear what you like, even if it is that crazy sweater Aunt Jean knitted you. If you like it, what are others gonna do?
  • Give a kind word
  • Be the confident you that is in there somewhere
  • And SMILE!

People will start to notice the difference. Some people may hate it and some people may love it, but hey, if you’re happy, then what does their opinion matter? Find friends that love the real you, not the fake mask you were wearing. Smile, and enjoy the moment. Make some memories, and look good doing it. You read a lot of things on the internet about self-consciousness, and I saw a quote that said something about how people are so busy worrying about how they look and how they think people are perceiving them, that they won’t take the time to intensively study how you look (sorry for the cold hard truth).


 If we all try and think less about ourselves and more about the people we spend time with, this world will be a happier place. I’m not saying don’t think about yourself or touch up your makeup every now and then, but don’t let the way you see yourself control you. Others will notice how stylish and confident you seem, even if you’re not too sure why you’re actually complimenting that girl’s hat when you’re more worried about your shorts, but it will make a difference. Throw kindness around like confetti, thrust it out, and let it find its way back to you. It all starts with a smile and a kind word. Wear that new necklace you like but aren’t sure of. Rock that pair of  heels or those skinny jeans. Be modest, but not plain. Make your style lively, and make it YOU.
White Flower

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it, it simply blooms.”
I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Expect more to come soon.