Moments of 2016

Another year gone… I’m at a loss as to where 2016 went. The craziness of travelling seems to have ripped away the time. Now it’s the start of a whole new year. Every year is a chance to make memories, but what we do with that chance is up to us.


Last year was a year of craziness, stress, and experience. I traveled the world for 5 months, visited with family I hadn’t seen in 3 years and said goodbye to my brother as he went off to uni. Looking back on this year I think that amidst the experiences I could have done a better job of making the most of the amazing things that were happening around me, instead of just going from one day to the next, but then when I really think about it, I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish in another year, and I’m content.


The year had its ups and downs as all years do.


I spent some time with amazing people,



I saw some incredible sights,




Did lots of walking,



Ate some incredible food,


And learned a few things about myself along the way.


I hope your 2016 was everything you had hoped it would be, and even if it wasn’t, that you’re content with where you’re at and striving to move forward into the new year with confidence and enthusiasm.


Here we go again. 😉 Bring it on, 2017





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