What Saturdays Were Made For

For a high school student, Saturday is probably the best day of the week. As a homeschooler, my itinerary tends to include a bit of work that needs doing, but for the most part, Saturday is a day of respite and recuperation from the past week. As those who know me are aware, my favourite thing to do on a Saturday is fry up a couple of eggs and have a really chill morning with a cup of tea, doing whatever I please which generally includes a fair amount of time on Pinterest, and maybe even a bit of blogging. 😉



I often think to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was one, just one more Saturday in the week?” I guess it would be nice, but then wouldn’t Saturday lose it’s novelty of being, well, Saturday? Since we don’t get two Saturdays in the weekend however, it’s imperative to make the most of the one that we’ve got.


Saturdays were firstly made for tea. People have very personal preferences concerning the kind of tea (or coffee) they like to drink. I have a confession to make, I used to put milk in peppermint tea. I know, shock horror. I wasn’t aware that some tea didn’t require milk… in retrospect I don’t even know if I used to drink tea because I liked it… maybe I just thought it was cool. Anyways, I certainly love tea now specifically sweet tea – raw honey all the way! There’s probably been a study about the de-stressing effects of tea, but who’s got time to research that.. especially on a Saturday? Whether there’s been a study or not, one (who likes tea) cannot dispute the calming effect of this drink. The only problem for me is that in the summer time when it’s like 35º+ it’s not the most practical drink. People say tea is refreshing even when it’s hot, but I mean, really? I guess it makes one sweat and your sweat is supposed to cool you down but if I wasn’t warmed up by the tea I wouldn’t be sweating in the first place. Who can say which is the right logic? Maybe I’ll stick to iced tea in the summer months.


Saturdays were also made for breakfast. As I have previously stated, I love my Saturday fried eggs and my family knows this. Rather controversially, I enjoy ketchup with my eggs. My South African friends call it tomaaato sauce but since I can’t pronounce it we’ll stick with ketchup.  Don’t knock it till you try it! Do you like baked beans with your eggs? Tomatoes. Do you like salsa with your eggs? Tomatoes. I don’t even like tomatoes that much… I won’t have a grilled one for breakfast but I’ll have ketchup with the eggs… oh the irony. Does that say that I prefer processed condiments to the real thing? Who came up with ketchup anyway? Well, I guess regular tomatoes just aren’t good enough sometimes.


Saturdays were made for Pinterest too. Sitting down at a table or desk with your eggs and tea and just scrolling through a bunch of cool, pretty, and inspirational photos… What a great way to start a day! I love when you are on Pinterest long enough so it starts suggesting photos it thinks you’ll like and your whole feed is just filled with photos you love. And I’m so excited because I get to start pinning Christmas pics like crazy now it’s December, can you even believe it? I feel like while we were in Canada my life just got fast forwarded and I skipped over those 5 months and it’s December when it’s really supposed to be July. On the upside, the sun is finally coming out. I’ve really enjoyed the cool, rainy spell that Durban has been under lately, but sometimes you just need a bit of sun. Now if only I can  get a bit of a tan this time. I guess that involves going outside. Hmmm.. nahhh. Haha, I always promise myself I’m going to get a bit of sun, but who’s got the time? I’m working right up until Christmas weekend so I don’t even get any time off until January pretty much. Go on, South Africans, rub it in. At least I’ve got my Saturdays. ^_^


And finally, Saturdays were made for blogging. Sorry I’ve been a bit of a stranger as of late, life happens as they say. Not to mention I’ve done my share of procrastinating. More content coming soon, I promise! I’m thinking of turning “What Saturdays Were Made For” into a bit of a series so please leave a comment if you enjoyed this little post, and stay tuned for more. 🙂



4 thoughts on “What Saturdays Were Made For

  1. Sending love and delighted to read this new blog, Abby. I guess it is best described as an “Ode to Saturdays”. Saturday morning here on Pune Island and Grandpa and I are putting finishing touches to our annual letter which we want to get out ahead of our departure for Toronto to spend Christmas and New Year in Canada, I’ll send you a copy of the letter which features a photo of the time you spent with us. Notice my new email address.


  2. Love this post! Thanks Abby! Reading this while having tea on a relaxing Saturday morning so it was perfect. Oh, and I still like milk in peppermint tea… 🙂


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