Time to Relax

Wasaga 1

Wasaga 12

These photos are from the longest freshwater beach in the world. A. K. A. Wasaga Beach in Ontario Canada. That’s right, I’m from an awesome country. I’ve really been trying to appreciate it in the short time that we’ve been here and I feel like I’ve just been swept away by a tornado of busyness. Over the past month my family and I have been travelling all over Ontario and the longest we stayed in one place was a week at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.

Wasaga 2

Wasaga 7

Wasaga 6

However, we still got to do some cool stuff even though we were busy meeting people and going places. On one such occasion, we drove down to Wasaga for an ice cream; I had maple walnut and oh man was it ever good.

Wasaga 15

But we’ve moved on yet again from Ontario to Kelowna, BC and we actually get to stay in one place for a month. I’m still trying to get used to the feeling.

Wasaga 14

Wasaga 4

Unfortunately, travelling doesn’t agree with me, so far I’ve gotten sick pretty much every time we’ve flown. Even driving to Edmonton I had a head cold. Fun times. But this time it was almost a blessing as well as a curse because it meant I didn’t have to feel guilty about being tired, I can just blame it on being sick and I literally lied on the couch for a whole day in front of the Olympics drifting in and out of sleep. I think that day did me a world of good even though I lost my voice the next day after my cousin came to stay. (Haha it was so worth it!) But I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that now; it’s time to relax.

Wasaga 10

We’ve been away from South Africa since April (almost 4 months!) and it feels like we’ve been running every step of the way. It’s been absolutely amazing, but now, it’s time to relax.

Wasaga 9