Table Mountain 2016

Table Mountain… I count myself among the lucky few who have had the amazing opportunity to travel the world at such a young age. I hope that if  you feel like you never get to experience adventures, you’ll be inspired as I share my Table Mountain experience.

Table Mtn April 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  5312

What a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining, and there was hardly any wind. A tip for if you ever want to head up Table Mountain, don’t plan to go when it’s windy! The reason is that when it’s windy it’s not very nice up on the mountain as you’re constantly getting buffeted by gusts of air, and secondly, the cable car will be shut down if the wind is too strong . If the cable car isn’t running, there’s almost no point in going up anyway as any wind down at the bottom will be much worse once you’re at the top. We had a cool breeze when we went up, but nothing too intense, making for a really nice day.

Table Mountain 3

Table Mountain 4

The cable car itself was an experience because once you start heading up, the floor will rotate, making sure that everyone gets a decent view. So be sure to get on the outside! That way, when you start moving, every time you get to an open window, you have the best chance to get a shot of the incredible view (not that pictures do it justice though).

Table Mountain 5

Table Mtn April 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  5263

Once you get up there, it’s simply amazing! Because the mountain is so big, the top isn’t crowded with tourists meaning you aren’t pressed by a throng of people and you can walk in any direction you like. As soon as you look out over the city of Cape Town, there is absolutely no doubt or wonder how Table Mountain is a famous tourist destination. It is outstanding, and it’s not overly developed either. The Mountain’s natural beauty is able to shine! Aside from a gift shop and a cafe, there are endless empty miles with beautiful rocks and lovely wildlife. Look how cute!

Table Mountain 10

Table Mountain 8

Table Mountain 13

After hiking around a bit and having a bite to eat, we stuck around to watch the sunset. Although it was decidedly chilly, it was so worth it to see views like this!


J silhouette version

Sunset silhouette (1)

Table Mountain 17

Table Mountain 18

There’s something so magical about watching a city during the night with all the little twinkling lights… I find it so beautiful. It always gives you time to think. You know that every light down there represents a home and that the world can be both big and small at times. Being able to experience wonders like this are things that I want to be able to remember. So many of us forget about the incredible things we’ve been able to be a part of as time goes on. We feel sorry for ourselves because we don’t think anything ever happens to us, when really, we have a chest full of good vibes that we sweep to the back of our minds in order to not interfere with our routine of self-pity. This is my gentle reminder to you that you’re amazing, in case you were beginning to think otherwise.

Table Mountain 20

What an incredible experience. At times, I love my life, and at other times, it doesn’t seem as amazing, as I’m sure is normal for most people (please tell me I’m right, ahh!), but it’s experiences such as these that I look back on and reap happiness from. Sometimes, a memory is all you need to keep you going, and I can’t wait to make more of them! Who’s with me?

Table Mtn April 2016 (Kerry Wiens)  5327

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